The sheer quantity of shipping and materials transport in the United States sustains over 350,000 trucking services, but for quick and dependable trucking throughout the Pacific Northwest, none of them compare to PAK Delivery.


Multi-day truck shipping is full of uncertainty. Pak’s logistics experts think several steps ahead to anticipate and prevent issues before they happen.


For whatever short and long-term storage needs you encounter between expected long haul shipments, PAK offers secure warehousing solutions.

Overnight Unattended

The benefits of Overnight Unattended delivery require drivers willing to work hard while you’re sound asleep, and our team are ready, willing, and up all night.

Dedicated Fleet

Especially when your most important shipments are travelling hundreds of miles, it’s great to know you can have entire delivery trucks devoted exclusively to you.

Let us know what kind of Delivery Service you need. Get a FREE Quote Online or Call Today (509) 381-4881.

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